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Game Resident Evil: Outbreak
Controller [[]]
Length 1:09:52
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Previous Wick
“Books about drinks and drinks about books.” — Matt

Resident Evil Outbreak is the twenty-ninth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

Umbrella Employee #03 Report, June 23rd 1998 3:05 pm

So the T-Virus was inadvertently released today...not particularly the best way to start off a Monday. While most people around here and panicking, and some even eating the flesh of others I remain pretty calm all things considered. There's a very small chance it'll spread much further than the Arkalay mountains, so I figured when I clock out today I'll just head down to a local bar in Raccoon and drown my sorrows.

Umbrella Employee #03 Report, June 23rd 1998 6:13 pm

So I was walking through the streets of Raccoon and alot of people seemed to be stressed. Has the virus actually spread? I saw alot of people ripping through entrails and stammering around with bloody mouths. It seems like something is amiss! But fuck all that was a really stressful day, so I need that drink...especially since my chest feels so itchy for some reason, probably has to do with the underlying tension of work...''

— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat ad-lib their way through bird attacks and find true love deep in there.

Quotes Edit

This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore.
— Pat
And confusion.
— Matt
We all know that Racoon City exists in a weird nightmare realm of architectural abundance.
— Pat
There's such a thing as too much architecture.
— Matt
Make sure to bar the doors for the black guy and the woman can't get in.
— Matt
The lack of tank controls is causing me to die.
— Pat
Let's check out that playing manual now that I'm on the verge of death, shall we?
— Pat
Everyone goes with Ryan because he's the closest to being Leon Kennedy. Kevin Ryan.
— Pat
Books about drinks and drinks about books.
— Matt
Yeah! Chew my nips!
— Pat

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