Two Best Friends Play

Resident Evil Revelations

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Game Resident Evil Revelations
Combined Length 15:00
Original Run May 17, 2013
Controller Pat
“That's the stupid that I've been missing!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play Resident Evil Revelations is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat take a cruise on a ship filled with weird looking mutants that Pat can't decide whether to shoot in the head or their hands.

Quotes Edit

Man that goo looks like your room when you found out the PS4 was going to have 8 gigs of RAM.
— Matt
They're coming out of those PS4 holes.
— Matt
That's where me and Liam live now.
— Pat
Jill, war has has my heeeeead?
— Matt
A hell of a lot more promising than Downcoming.
— Matt

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