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Two Best Friends Play

Ride to Hell Retribution

Ride to Hell Retribution
Watch this episode on the website or on YouTube

Watch the final look on the website or on Youtube

Game Ride to Hell: Retribution
Episodes 2
Combined Length 45:14
Original Run Jul 23, 2013 - Aug 24, 2013
Controller Matt

For the full Let's Play, see Ride to Hell.

“I think it's a real weird point in my life where we're playin' a dumb biker rock game, and we're talkin' about the downfall of real hip-hop.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play Ride to Hell Retribution is a two-part video series in which Matt and Pat venture into the biker world, a world neither they nor the developer know anything about. Along the way, they fail turret sections, crash bikes (and the game), discuss 90's music, do a tired Macho Man impression, pull off sick powerslides, and eventually explode from powersliding too hard.

About Edit

Matt and Pat take a quick look at a game based on a world they know nothing about. And clearly, neither did the developers.
— Video description
— Video Description

Final Look Edit

Another one-off episode of this game was released a month later, called "Ride to Hell Retribution (Final Look)" to hold people over until Rustlemania was finished.

Quotes Edit

I called it the Ride to Peace Department.
— Pat
I've been to Tupexo Army Base; It's not a good scene, man.
— Matt
I just make believe that I'm a veteran so women will kiss me when I get off the plane.
— Matt
I don't remember them letting you keep your long, flowing biker locks in the Army.
— Pat
Your Alabama Waterfalls.
— Matt
Oh, that's a good one. Is that when you pee all over your sister?
— Pat
Yeah... what? No!
— Matt
I think it's a real weird point in my life where we're playin' a dumb biker rock game, and we're talkin' about the downfall of real hip-hop.
— Pat
Gotta learn striponomics.
— Pat on the subject of stripper college
Hulk Hogan's kind of a Nixon supporter, I'd say.
— Matt
Nixon supports the rubbing of oil on Hulk Hogan's legs.
— Matt
I am riding to hell right now.
— Pat
Okay. That was Ride to Hell. We're not gonna play that shit again!
— Matt

Final LookEdit

I feel like I'm dying.
— Pat
Oh yeah. Better than DMC.
— Pat
Wanna get greasy? That's my new pick up line.
— Matt
There's no time for wrenches.
— Matt
I feel like I'm dying.
— Pat
How are you supposed to fix the engine if you can't turn the gears with your penis?
— Pat
Why couldn't you tell me how to do the dodge move?
— Pat, holding a grudge from Final Fight Streetwise
Man, fuck this game. Holy shit.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • During a panel at Momocon, the crew hinted that a future 'so-bad-its-good' LP is on the way and further hinted it with few comments that references Ride to Hell Retribution.
    • "We are gonna take a good ride to get there" - Matt
    • "It will be a hell of a time" - Pat
  • According to the Matt and Pat, the episode was recorded at around noon, the earliest they've ever recorded footage.
  • The woman superimposed on the title card is Emma Stone.
  • Ride to Hell: Retribution was developed by the same developer who made 007 Racing.

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