Two Best Friends Play:

Rise of Nightmares

Rise of Nightmares
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Game Rise of Nightmares
Season 3
Episode 8
Length 15:50
Upload Date Oct 2, 2011
Controller Matt
Previous Gears of War 3
Next Dark Souls

For the Shitstorm episode, see Rise of Nightmares (Shitstorm 2: The Shittening)

“My name's Matt, and I think I'm so pretty!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Rise of Nightmares is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat bash French girls with pipes, tell their nagging wife to shut the fuck up, get cock-blocked by the Kinect, have their fortune told by a space prostitute, and observe deaths in a punny manner.


Horror movie setting, lots of fighting mechanics…and Kinect! What could go wrong?
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Ah, sacre bleu! Fuck this place!
— Matt (using French accent)
This looks like Pepé Le Pew's basement if he captured us for rape!
— Pat (using French accent)
How awesome, they locked the fucking Kinect testers in here.
— Pat (after seeing a person locked in a cell)
Rise of my indifference.
— Matt
— Matt
It's the friendliest language around.
— Pat
It's the language of the werewolf!
— Matt
And the Dracula.
— Pat
I just can't deal with this rave, yo!
— Pat (in German accent)
I'd like to see you buck like a Shropshire pony.
— Matt to some lady
There's no nature in Germany!
— Pat (in German accent)
Good night, sweet prince. You were the best man I never knew.
— Matt
Dude, look at that guy! He's electric type! Use fuckin' Sandshrew against him!
— Pat


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