Saturday Morning Scrublords

Rise of The Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots

Rise of the Robots Scrublords
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Game Rise 2: Resurrection; Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Arena
Upload Date Jul 3, 2015
Length 55:28
Previous Scrublords - Warpath Jurassic Park/Dino Rex

Terminator Week - Terminator 3: The Redemption

Next Scrublords - Pretty Fighter

Terminator Week - Terminator Salvation

“Throw that hot dog, hear the echo, get out of there.” — Pat

Rise of The Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots is the thirteenth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords and the sixth episode of the Terminator Week series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam take a look at the resurrected corpse of a game series trying to hide from it's unsuccessful past as they damage their eyes reading shitty fonts and try to get a grasp on the undifinable move list. Afterwards, they play the true inspiration of Real Steel and attempt to understand the ending of Thelma and Louise.

About Edit

Diary of Kyle Reese - May 27th - 2029 "Found some old computer files in a busted up terminal a few klicks south of our main base. They mentioned a group of intrepid warriors who would devote themselves to fighting robots inside a computer system. They called themselves the "Scrublords."
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Does this even count? Are we so desperate for Terminator games?
— Woolie
Sorry mister Super Fighter.
— Matt
So when you make so little money or so much money, you go to the same place. No, it's just called Gears now.
— Woolie
My robot hates it and there's electrical juice shooting out of ma' dick!
— Matt
Robots get dizzy. The other day, my toaster, it just wouldn't take anything.
— Liam
There were stars going around it.
— Woolie
Why are you fighting with dildo bats?
— Pat
This was on a CD based cartridge...
— Matt
Don't you remember when we recorded and he was on the bed here with all the IVs running out of him and he said, 'Fuck it. We still need to record.'?
— Woolie
I don't know. I don't pay attention every time I come over.
— Pat
Throw that hot dog, hear the echo, get out of there.
— Pat
Mommy, did that mother like Macaulay Culkin more than that other child?
— Woolie
Mommy, what does ass to ass mean?
— Pat
Why did he crawl through the poop tunnel, mommy? Why didn't he just walk out the front door?
— Pat


Rise 2: Resurrection

Matt 1/3
Pat 3/1
Woolie 4/2
Liam 2/4

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Arena

Matt 0/3
Pat 0/2
Woolie 1/1
Liam 4/1


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