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Game RoboCop
Season 8
Episode 15
Length 14:49
Upload Date Feb 9, 2014
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Batman Arkham Origins
Next Lightning Returns
“One of the three prime directives is to fist the law.” — Matt

ROBOCOP? ROBOCRAP! - Robocop - Two Best Friends Play is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat protect the innocent, blow up piss bombs, eat baby food, rage about the new RoboCop movie, twirl their gun, arrest members of the Ginger Gang, kill giant rats by shoving rockets up their ass, fist the law, and cower in terror from RoboWoolie.


— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro animation starts with RoboMatt in a shootout with Pat Boddicker and ED-209. After hitting Matt with his Cobra Assault Cannon, Pat goes in to finish him off. Before he gets the chance however, ED falls down the stairs and lands on him.

Quotes Edit

Xbox Classic: The New Flavour
— Pat
Who's the guy who's high in Detroit? Spongebrain... criminal guy!
— Matt
Shoot the hostage! Just like Speed taught me!
— Pat
You're not protecting the innocent....
— Pat
It tastes like baby food the OCP guy said, as he spat it out on the floor.
— Matt
— Pat
Why are you this weird, 70s, metal chasis? You should look like a sleek, black robot that looks like TOTAL SHIT!!!
— Pat
I was hoping when I was a kid that's how like, all data transfer shit would work. You get a big spike. Everyone could carry it around... and kill Clarence Boddicker with it....
— Pat
... Due to the sensation of piss on his robo mane.
— Matt
God, this is just like Dark Souls.
— Pat
Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne... BAM! All right, let's get going, boys.
— Matt and Pat
I'd buy a giant rat for a dollar, what are you kidding me?
— Pat
I love you RoboRat... cop.
— Pat
Kill them all... I mean, arrest the law!
— Pat
One of the three prime directives is to fist the law.
— Matt
You fuckin' RoboCop!
— Matt, to RoboWoolie

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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