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Robocop Inception

Robocop Inception Thumb
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Game Dues Ex: Human Revolution
Length 0:58
Date Aug 27, 2011
“Why is Robocop telling you that you're Robocop?” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Robocop Inception (Deus Ex Easter Egg) is a Miscellaneous Shenanigans video in which Matt and Pat go into a time warp.

Description Edit

While playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Matt and Pat discover an Easter egg referring to the movie 1987 movie, Robocop. The joke being, of course, that the premise of the game is based on that movie, in which a Detroit cop (or in the case of Human Revolution, a former SWAT member) is left for dead by a group of criminals and is rebuilt as a cyborg.

About Edit

Ex Detroit cop Adam Jensen gets shot and left for dead by a group of criminals. He then gets rebuilt as a half-man half-cyborg super dude.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Is that...?
— Pat, outside Detective Alex Murphy's office
No, Robocop is making fun of you!
— Pat
Did we just go into a time warp or something?
— Police Officer
I think we did!
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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