Terminator Week Part #3

Robocop vs Terminator

Robocop Vs Terminator Title
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Game Robocop vs Terminator
Length 28:57
Upload Date Jul 1, 2015
Controller Matt
Previous Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Next Dawn of the Rise of The Machines of Fate
“When's Gene Simmons gonna show up and shoot a homing bullet at you?” — Pat

Robocop vs Terminator is the third episode in the Terminator Week series. In this video, Matt and Pat get front row seats to the match-up of a lifetime as Alex Murphy splatters the residents of Detroit across every surface of their dystopian hellscape of a city in search of more Terminators to shoot in the ass.


Diary of Kyle Reese - March 27th - 2029 There were rumors that Skynet was birthed through the mind of a singular Cyborg from the 80's. His name was supposedly Alex Murphy. Half man, half Machine. Wow. I'd buy that for a dollar.
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

It said training level. This is just every day in Detroit.
— Matt
Super Time Terminator Robocop Force. I'd watch that.
— Matt
I would watch that right now. I would turn off this video and go watch that if that existed but it doesn't.
— Pat
Terminators hate fire. They're like Aliens in that way.
— Matt
They're made out of metal, man.
— Pat
They hate it.
— Matt
No, they hate molten steel and lava.
— Pat
Which is a type of fire.
— Matt
Actually, it's closer to Earth if you want to do the element thing.
— Pat
When's Gene Simmons gonna show up and shoot a homing bullet at you?
— Pat
Smartphones have ruined our channel 'cause whenever we say something stupid we just look it up.
— Matt
This music is great. It reminds me of my childhood. Which I had.
— Pat
I can't read. Geez, fucking Woolie rubbing off on us.
— Matt
He rubs off on you and you lose the ability to read.
— Pat
Detroit is the godammed yandere-chan of the anime.
— Pat
Watch out for toxic waste at the toxic farm where we farm for toxic.
— Pat
And now, predictably, the comment section will be completely ruined by people saying, 'Matt and Pat sent me here.'.
— Pat
I have twelve lives to comply.
— Matt upon facing ED-209


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