This is an extended page of the Rule of Rose (Shitstorm 3: Shittribution) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Back to these shit kids and their dumb orphanage for babbies!
— Part one
Okay, we are in your big dumb flying ship, now what, kids? WHAT THE FUCK YOU GOT!?!?!
— Part two
As long as we have the wonder pup Brown at our disposal! Nothing can stop us!
— Part three
Goddamn Amanda, you are really starting to creep us the fuck out.
— Part four
Damn, this rabbit sure does crapoop alot!
— Part five
Damn, these red feathers are fucking up Brown's nose! That's bullshit!
— Part six
Damn! Will this madness ever end? Who the hell was the stray dog? Might we finish this game someday? Maybe!
— Part seven
Why are we back to the shitkids?! Why?! Darn you creepy british children!
— Part eight
Seriously guys? Combat arenas? Why?
— Part nine
Back to the Orphanage? Yee haw! Endgame for these shitkids!
— Part ten
I'm about to put my fucking foot through my TV over the amount of bullshit the shit kids have stirred up for me.
— Part eleven
Yeah! We beat the game! Or did we?
— Part twelve
YEAH! THIS TIME WE REALLY BEAT IT! That's the end of this years shitstorm leftovers! Let's get outta here shitkids!
— Part thirteen Final

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