Two Best Friends Play:

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse- Son of Rome
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Game Ryse: Son of Rome
Season 8
Episode 8
Length 15:43
Upload Date December 22, 2013
Controller Matt
Previous Fighter Within
Next Walking Dead Season 2
“How long do think until Kratos wanders into this place, kills her, and...” — Matt
“ZEUS!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play - KILL RUSSELL CROWE! Ryse: Son of Rome is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat refuse to hit their father with a wooden sword, step all over their dead mother, examine the empty husks of Roman soldiers, and try to get some parties started.

About Edit

Chopping up arms and eating pasta in Ancient Italy Land!
— Video description
Let’s get the crucifixion party going!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The opening animation has Matt and Pat battling in an arena dressed as gladiators. They proceed to cut off each other's limbs, leaving them legless and sitting on the ground. They then simultaneously hit one another in the face with their weapons.

Quotes Edit

Remember when Bruce Wayne tap danced all over his mom and dad after Joe Chill shot them?
— Pat
No, geez! DarkSydePhil!
— Matt
That dog is eating farts.
— Pat
This guy looks like Bob Hoskins, rest his soul. He's praying to the gods of Super Mario.
— Matt
Why are we here captain? Why aren't we just home eating pasta?
— Matt
You gotta love things that eat poop.
— Pat
Fire volley!
— Matt and Pat, repeatedly giving voice command to Kinect
This place is 5spooky4rome.
— Matt
I can't draw art with my penis. I'm working on it though.
— Pat
Is that guy wrestling a dick?
— Pat
I told you, this is a war of soap and nipples.
— Matt
Soapy nipples!
— Matt and Pat
C'mon guys! Let's get this party started!
— Matt


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