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Length 2:37:17
Date December 31, 2013
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SBFC 021: SKYCRIMES is the twenty-first episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


Time to catch up on all the holiday gaming news! We talk P4Rgaming, ZUBAZ IN SHOVEL KNIGHT, Hacked WiiU Gamepads to PC, Japanese devs giving their GOTY opinions.
— Podcast description


I bet Plague makes buttermilk!
I'm drinking this fake milk invented by hippies... because of bullshit.
I may be Matt McMuscles, but I don't wanna eat muscles.
— Matt
Congratulations, you're now on par with Skyracists.
You can be racist as long as your in the sky.
— Pat
You know who's not old? Young people.
— Matt
You know what I hate? Risk aversion. Let's all go have unprotected sex with hookers!
— Pat
Fuck time! Time sucks!
— Woolie
Bad Phoenix Wright is still pizza.
— Matt
Fuck your agreement!
— Liam
Hitler, why doesn’t your moon face look like your Führer face?
— Matt
You brought back all twelve of the crystal babies!
— Matt
I don’t put notes into my rage!
— Pat
Pat, you need to shut up about Monster Hunter, so I can talk about this anime I don’t like!
— Pat
Pat, you wanna see my Geass?
— Liam
The magic is gone!
— Pat

Letter TimeEdit

Q: For you Machinima episodes, does 2Snacks come up with the intros himself, or do you guys come up with ideas and talk with him? - from Mimi

  • 2Snacks does it most of the time, because he’s good enough to do it.

Q: Which control scheme should I use for The Wonderful 101? - from Jake

  • Pat: Pro Controller
  • Everyone Else: Gamepad

Q: What is something you consider to be a really great game that you never completed? - from Nathan

  • Pat: Most recently, State of Decay
  • Woolie: Odin’s Sphere
  • Liam’s: Infinite Space
  • Matt: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Metroid Prime 2

Q: After making the mistake of buying Godus for the PC, I found out It was just a Facebook/mobile Cow Clicker, and I realized I got Molyneux’d again. How can you defend this hack job? From Chris

  • We don’t know yet, I haven’t played it yet.

Q: What’s your favourite TV show or series that aired before you were born? From Don B

  • Pat: All in the Family
  • Matt: Adam West Batman
  • Liam: Fawlty Towers
  • Woolie: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Q: When you guys pick up a fighting game, new or old, what’s your process for picking a main? - from Wave Wind

  • Pat: Grappler
  • Liam: Heavy Guy, but play everyone
  • Woolie: Aesthetics
  • Matt: Whoever has special moves and personalities that I like.

Q: A while back you said you guys didn't like Gundam SEED or Gundam SEED Destiny. I've been marathoning them, and I wanted to know what was wrong with them, specifically those two. - from Cody

  • They had no plan for what they were gonna do, they blew their budget on voice acting, and things happens for no reason. The art doesn't translate to animation. The bad guys don’t make sense, and they had no motivation. Go watch Star Gazer.

Matt Watch Edit

This week, Matt was watching OSW Reviews, after doing a voice over for them.