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SVC Chaos

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Game SVC Chaos: Super Plus
Upload Date Nov 21, 2015
Length 53:55
Previous War Gods / Mace: The Dark Age
Next Samurai Shodown Sen
“You realize you sound like a huge asshole, Pat.” — Woolie
“What's different?” — Pat

SVC Chaos is the twenty-first episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam get front row seats to the largest gathering of shotos known to man as they discover that the game does not want to be recorded and actively messes up the video.

About Edit

Hey look! It's CvS2's awkwarded red-headed cousin! What hijinks will he get up to this time? Note: This footage is kind of a salvage job. Strange rendering issues occur when this game is recorded. It only appears in playback, not live. Sorry for the annoyance, it's unclear why it happens.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Violent Ken is the most popular nothing to nothing.
— Pat
Do you want to name it after a household appliance? Could it be a fridge?
— Liam
Yeah, it can. Get out of here, Serta. Serta works. Serta would work. Maytag would not.
— Pat
Terry's collecting Mad Man's Knowledge.
— Woolie
You realize you sound like a huge asshole, Pat.
— Woolie
What's different?
— Pat
Please download the Kyogin Dojo app.
— Matt
Mickey Mouse ripped us off. That's what happened.
— Pat
Oops. All shotos.
— Woolie
Man, if you give a tanuki a chance, it will take a hot shit all over you.
— Matt
I need to flirt with that guy that refuses to put it in.
— Pat
Please read my lemon fan fiction.
— Matt
Stop. Stop. Stop.
— Pat
— Matt
Stop or provide a link.
— Pat
Stop talking about it or send it to me right now.
— Woolie
That's okay. I'm a shoto too.
— Matt
I'm looking at Earthquake's move list and nine out of eleven of his specials have the word fat in them.
— Liam
I want you to take this diamond plated 'L' and...
— Woolie
Keep it forever.
— Liam
Jam it in my chest and kill me with it.
— Pat


Matt 5/3
Pat 3/4
Woolie 5/3
Liam 3/4


  • This episode went up on a Saturday instead of the ususal Friday upload due to rendering and desync issues.

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