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Two Best Friends Play

Saints Row IV

TBFP Saints Row IV
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Game Saints Row IV
Season 8
Episode 1
Length 13:47
Upload Date Aug 4, 2013, Aug 11, 2013
Controller Matt
Previous WWE '13
Next Grand Theft Auto V
“Can I try it?” — Pat
“No, it's my game!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play - Saints Row IV!! is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat unlock the adoration and presidency of AMERICA, try to decide on whether to cure cancer or nuke the hungry countries, chase down a big Johnny Gat head, blow up furries, and unsuccessfully try to romance Keith David as Woolie.


Matt and Pat take on the presidential duties of Saint’s Row IV!
— Website description



Yeah, Volition! Make a new Punisher for fuck sake!
— Matt
I think British Yuri Lowenthal is the worst Yuri Lowenthal.
— Pat
You love it! I'm Bill Clintoning it up in this bitch!
— Matt (as he puts his crotch in some guy's face)
She's Spock's cousin!
— Pat
You know those kids were asking for it the way they were gorilla walking down to the Oval Office.
— Pat
That's a Street Shark villain!
— Matt
Aw, man. I just want to make love to a giant woman, you know?
— Matt
I'm sorry I ran you over with my car sex is the most passionate love throughout the ages.
— Matt
I had the great painters of the world work on my dick and butthole.
— Matt
The one thing they brought into space was that stupid shark with the gold teeth and the pimp hat.
— Pat
I can't stop staring at your spider titties.
— Pat
No cousin is going to tear his Hulk Doll into pieces.
— Pat
He'll tear them into pieces.
— Matt


  • This video marks the return of 2Snacks as the animator for the Machinima episodes.
  • This video was originally taken down for unspecified reasons before being re-uploaded.


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