Two Best Friends Play:

Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third
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Game Saints Row: The Third
Season 4
Episode 4
Length 12:53
Upload Date Feb 12, 2012
Controller Matt
Previous Metal Gear Solid HD
Next Beatdown Fists of Vengeance
“It's the hypest shit!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Saints Row The Third is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat play as Esmeralda, a strong beauty with a Chuck. As they explore Steelport, they gain Schwarzenegger's approval, taunt the awkward citizens of Steelport, shoot a tiger cat with an eyepatch, and play in traffic.


Matt and Pat are accepted into the Saints as honorary members! Mostly because they wanted access to that weird Dildo Bat.
— Website description


Quotes Edit

Was this written by Christopher Nolan!? It's a bank robbery within a bank robbery within a movie of the bank robbery!
— Matt
Remember that time that Arnold Schwarzenegger fucked crocodiles with laser weaponry?
— Pat
This is some Modern Warfare bullshit.
— Matt, when using the Reaper Drone
Godspeed Big Package Man!
— Pat
I wish I had a big package.
— Matt
I pray to our lord and master, Michael Bay!
— Matt
Dubstep is infiltrating every area of the world.
— Pat


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