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Salt & Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary Title
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Game Salt & Sanctuary
Length 48:47
Controller Matt
Upload Date Jun 9, 2016
“The emerald herald? What are you doing here?” — Woolie
“No, it's the green... newsman.” — SuperBunnyHops

Salt & Sanctuary is a one-off episode that features SuperBunnyHops wining and dining Matt and Woolie into his house so they'll play his flattened out Dark Souls clone.

About Edit

Matt and Woolie get super salty in this sanctuary with Ultra Ferret Jumps!
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

I gotta save the princess. Oh boy!
— Woolie as Lucky Ted
The god you chose? Very difficult. Very high difficulty.
— Woolie
It's E I T R with a weird umlaut above and under the R.
— SuperBunnyHops
Dude, you don't even have a luck stat. What you gonna do but hustle?
— Woolie
Pouch of salt. I wonder what that does.
— SuperBunnyHops
Salts the Earth.
— Matt
Summons Pat.
— Woolie
Isn't a zambino the thing that cleans the hockey rink?
— SuperBunnyHops
That's a Zimbabwe.
— Matt
Since the beginning of time, many men have tried to 'get gud'
— Matt
Few have succeeded.
— Woolie
Few have succeeded, even fewer know what we're talking about.
— Matt
The emerald herald? What are you doing here?
— Woolie
No, it's the green... newsman.
— SuperBunnyHops
Jump, jump, jump. Yeah!
— SuperBunnyHops


  • This video was recorded in SuperBunnyHops house.

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