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Samurai Shodown Sen

Samurai Showdown Sen Title
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Game Samurai Shodown Sen
Upload Date Dec 4, 2015
Length 27:40
Previous SVC Chaos
Next The Toshinden Saga
“Oh Thor-chan. Loki onii-san came and tricked you again today.” — Woolie

Samurai Shodown Sen is the twenty-second episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam have their viewing of a relatively nice series of menus interrupted by the horrible monster of a game hidden underneath.

About Edit

Those who forget the past...are waaayyyy better off.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

This was supposed to be the rebirth of Samurai Shodown and all it really was was the rebirth of James Small's boner.
— Woolie
Who can find the racist character first?
— Matt
Why does this look better than KOF XIV?
— Pat
Quick, Poppy, sniff your own balls.
— Matt
Who's Angelica? She looked like the coolest ever! Wow, she really grew up from Rugrats.
— Matt
Damn. Scalped.
— Woolie
That's the whole head.
— Pat
Oh Thor-chan. Loki onii-san came and tricked you again today.
— Woolie


Matt 0/3
Pat 4/2
Woolie 5/1
Liam 1/4

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