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Scanner Sombre

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Game Scanner Sombre
Length 35:16
Controller Matt
Upload Date Apr 30, 2017
“I'll worship any god that let's me Henshin.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play - Scanner Sombre is a one-off episode in which Matt, Pat, and Woolie play what has been called "the greatest Virtual Boy game never made" as they get chased by invisible Jesus and join cults for Pokemon.

About Edit

I never wanted to explore caves before this, and I will continue down this path of avoidance long after. We received a code from the developers for purposes of a making a video.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Does this have Woody Harrelson in it?
— Pat
That's A Scanner Darkly.
— Matt
I'll take Keanu Reeves.
— Woolie
Light is pretty good. It's a little overrated.
— Pat
Don't stop shooting, ever.
That's Woolie's lessons of life.
— Matt
Even when they tell you to.
— Woolie
Virtua is for racing games and fighting games that don't get updates.
— Matt
Who was the first t-poser in the world? Jesus.
— Matt
— Pat and Woolie
It wasn't his idea though.
— Matt
I'll worship any god that let's me Henshin.
— Woolie
He's using the Warhammer paint as lube.
— Woolie
Isn't that lead based?
— Pat
And very expensive.
— Woolie

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