“Seth, you're a crazy guy.” — Pat
“Never change.” — Matt
“You're the best kind of crazy.” — Liam

Seth is a fan who often is featured on Friendcast Mailbag. Not much is known about Seth apart from the fact he refers to the Super Best Friends as 'the Sub-par Best Friends Enterprises', and he gives the Zaibatsu swarms of gifts every week on the Mailbag. The Zaibatsu appreciate this and think he is incredibly nice, but also think that he's super nuts.

Seth admitted on the Two Best Friends Play SubReddit that he was not the one who sent the atomic purple Game Boy Color that made Woolie cry, and it was sent by another fan using the 'the Sub-par Best Friends Enterprises' label.

Matt speculates that he is actually Seth MacFarlane, since he has nothing else better to do.

Things Seth has sent the ZaibatsuEdit

  • T.R.A.G.: Mission of Mercy for the PS1
  • Four containers of butane
  • A vintage used Kelly fire axe
  • A novelty watch lighter
  • A giant portrait of Steve Buscemi
  • Three packs of Ed Atlin stickers.
  • Futurama Superking figure.
  • Baby Geniuses on VHS.
  • Ruthless Aggression Chris Benoit figure.
  • Futurama for the PS2.
  • The Cat Lady for PC.
  • Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life DVD
  • The Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide book.

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