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Sex and the City Musou

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Length 3:21:11
Date Sep 14, 2015
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“We're not targeting people that want fast and jump cut humor, we're targeting people who want to sit through the shit.” — Liam

Sex and the City Musou is the one-hundred and tenth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Liam has some things to say about Destiny, and we listen! Also, crowdfunding yays and nays, new Street Fighters, and Lego.
— Website description


Sit in the helicopter for two hours staring at Quiet's ass.
— Woolie
If you pause any cutscene she's in, her tits just go to space.
— Matt
Blockbuster's not paying their Matt fees.
— Woolie
When you're born as a boy in Jamaica, you get pants that say 'Maximum' on them.
— Liam
The other day I woke up in a cold sweat and I said to my girlfriend, 'What was the LP where Woolie couldn't speak?', and she said, 'I don't know. All of them?'.
— Liam
We're not targeting people that want fast and jump cut humor, we're targeting people who want to sit through the shit.
— Liam
Climbing to the top on the corpses of Danganronpa.
— Woolie
It's Liam and Zach playing the new Silent Hill.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: Has there ever been a time when you haven't played a game for a long time, you get the urge, but when you go to get it you can't find it and sit there going, 'Well fuck.'? from Aiden

  • Matt: Asura's Wrath kept getting moved to other boxes until I eventually found it in the box set of The Wire and I accidentally returned my copy of Resident Evil 4 instead of a different game to Blockbuster.
  • Woolie: Sanko No Ronde and Battle Fantasia.
  • Liam: No More Heroes and War Tech.

Q: Why is Liam the only one with a real Canadian accent? from Tae

  • Matt: I grew up around a lot of accents mostly spoken in French.
  • Woolie: I was raised in front of a television in North America so I speak T.V.
  • Liam: My dad's family are the most Quebec people ever and they speak a lot of French so that's probably it.

Q: Are any of you related to someone famous? from Jailhouse Bromorumska

  • Matt: My cousin used to play in the NHL.
  • Woolie: I don't think so. I'm the most famous person in my family.
  • Liam: I'm in the same position as Woolie.

Q: Who's your favorite Gem? from Oivan

  • Matt: Rose Quartz
  • Woolie: Ruby and Saphire
  • Liam: Garnet

Q: Woolie, have you read Trigun Maximum? from Deadpool

  • Woolie: Yes.

Q: If you had to delete one LP from your channel or you could only keep one LP on your channel, which would they be? from Michael

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Saga volume 5 and Hannibal season 3.
  • Woolie: Saga volume 5.
  • Liam: Destiny: The Taken King, Saga volume 5, and TGS.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is "Main Theme" from N++.
  • Due to an undisclosed emergency, Pat was not present for this episode of the podcast.