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Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor Title
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Game Shadow of Mordor
Season 9
Episode 3
Length 16:55
Upload Date Sep 30, 2014
Previous Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
Next Alien Isolation

For the one-off episode of the PS3 version , see Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS3).

“Shut up, Kellogg's Boo Berry.” — Liam

Shadow of Mordor is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, and Liam fight off orcs with Batman combat, stun their wife with stealth kiss combos, marvel at next-gen hail, and kill Thrak the Cook over and over and over again.


Yooo check it out it's time to hang out in Mordor with Caleb Brambleyfoot.
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

My favorite part of "The Silmarillion" was where I fell asleep forty pages into it, every day for eight days in a row.
— Liam
How do you know it's not Cate Blanchett?
— Liam
“'Cause Cate Blanchett is too busy being beautiful and majestic in her home.
— Matt
It's an Orc BBBQ. The extra B is for BBYOBB.
— Matt
What's the extra B in there for?
— Liam
It's a typo.
— Matt
Fucking murder everyone. Kill them for talking shit about the Dreamcast.
— Matt, with a British accent
I wonder if you're gonna fight Grandma Swamp the Liar?
— Matt
Shut up, Kellog's Boo Berry.
— Liam
You need Gollum to decipher your Triforce maps.
— Pat

Gallery Edit

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