Super Best Friends with Shame Car

The Shame Car is a running gag created by Matt and Pat during their playthrough of The Walking Dead. People who have been in the Shame Car include Kenny, Ben, Duck, James Small, Woolie, Lindsay Lohan, Christian Svensson, Scorpion, and Cherno Alpha. In the DIVEKICK video, Matt, Woolie, and Liam are made to get in the Shame Car upon their defeat, with their friend Billy behind the wheel.

Description Edit

Recently, so many people have been placed in the Shame Car it's being considered to be upgraded to a Shame Limousine to accommodate all the new people. Pat says the Shame Limo must have bulletproof glass so all of its occupants can see their shame. It has also been speculated by Matt that the Shame Car may be a PT Cruiser. According to Pat in part five of their playthrough of The Walking Dead, the Shame Car is actually the Popemobile.

Trivia Edit

  • Variations of the Shame Car include the Shame Hoodie, the Shame Train, and the Shame Hole.

Gallery Edit

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