Mystery Box #006

Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure

Shamu Mystery
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Game Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure
Length 40:13
Upload Date May 2, 2015
Controller Liam
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #005
Next Mystery Box - Episode #007
“If you give a manatee a second glance, he won’t hesitate to kill you and everyone you hold dear.” — Matt

Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure is the sixth episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt and Liam have tons of underwater fun with Orca Whale as they use the unforgivable underwater techniques, get chased down by Japan, treat jellyfish stings, and prevent the Foot Clan from blowing up the dam.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

That's what Mystery Box is all about. 'Who the fuck is this?'.
— Matt
Thank you Dillon for sending us Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure. I hope it's not a huge fucking train wreck.
— Matt
If you give a manatee a second glance, he won’t hesitate to kill you and everyone you hold dear.
— Matt
Use the Echo Rumbler to perform a hard knock-down on the fish.
— Liam
I did't ask for my fucking life story, Hiratio!
— Matt
Shamo is just Virgil.
— Liam
Shamu way better than Aquaman confirmed. Cue a bunch of DC fanboys hating on us.
— Matt
Yeah, but it's true.
— Liam
Lionfish, you think you're so good, but a barracuda would wreck your shit.
— Matt
Instantly. That's like an eight/two match.
— Liam
Remember kids, if you get stung by a jellyfish, you're gonna have to pee on someone.
— Matt
I'm just gonna take the opportunity to shit on Atlantis because those motherfuckers had it coming.
— Matt
For what reason?
— Liam
— Matt


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