SBFC 150

Shanghaied to Grenada

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Length 02:37:06
Date Jun 20, 2016
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“I have over six-hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.” — Matt to a stripper

Shanghaied to Grenada is the one-hundred and fiftieth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Pat is better but no one cares, Liam’s precious hands must be protected from the fires of this world.
— Website description


It's the hottest thing I've ever touched.
— Liam
Yeah. Until I made you touch me in the elevator.
— Matt
For people that don't speak English, I'm sure that was an esoteric fact.
— Pat
Here's a fucking spoiler for the end of the movie cause who gives a fuck and fuck you if you care.
— Pat about Warcraft: The Beginning
I have over six-hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.
— Matt to a stripper
I was only pretending to be stupid. No who's stupid?
— Pat
Now I've revealed how stupid we all are.
— Matt
It's nice to know that shame is universal.
— Pat
That's a lot of naked Italians, brother.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: What is the ideal domain of the necromatic influence? The ability to resurrect dead rappers as your minions or the ability to resurrect dead wrestlers as your minions? from Eric

  • Matt: Dead wrestlers
  • Pat: Dead wrestlers
  • Woolie: Dead rappers
  • Liam: Dead rappers

Q: Do you know of any games that share a graphic style similar to PlayStation 1 or N64? from Austin

  • Matt: Back in 1995
  • Liam: Back in 1995 is the best example.

Q: Have you ever experienced a major move? from Jessie

  • Matt: No.
  • Pat: No.
  • Woolie: From Grenada to here when I was a kid.
  • Liam: From the country to here.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Too Many Games
  • Pat: Too Many Games
  • Woolie: Too Many Games
  • Liam: Too Many Games

Trivia Edit