Shaq Fu

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Game Shaq Fu
Length 14:21
Upload Date Sep 12, 2012
Winner Matt
Next Fight Club
Previous Sailor Moon
“Shaq couldn't handle himself!” — Matt

Scrublords - Shaq Fu is a Scrublords episode that has Matt and Woolie continuing the tournament playing a game based off of Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq is in the game, and 6 fillers who suspiciously look like Masters of the Universe characters are as well, in this confusing "why was this ever made" fighting game. Matt's flying skull dragons, flying electric mummy razor and sensei levels of Shaq Fu were enough to beat Woolie three to two in a best of five.

Quotes Edit

You're still angry about Kazaam, so you can't focus on the fight.
— Matt
Who taught me Shaq Fu? There must have been a Shaq master!
— Woolie
I've said the word Shaq more than I ever have in my life. I've gone to Sugar Shacks and I've said it less.
— Matt
This is all Masters of the Universe! This is a Saturday morning kid's cartoon, it's fucking clown shoes!
— Matt
I'll just take Nicki Minaj right now.
— Matt
Its got beast systems, bitch!
— Woolie
I got fury though! PMS!
— Matt
Fuck that kick! I can do it too, bitch!
— Woolie
Oh...wait, this means I'm good at Shaq Fu. I'm the real loser here.
— Matt on winning

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