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Game Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Length 43:20
Upload Date Mar 17, 2015
Controller Woolie
Previous Hawken / Titanfall
Next Armored Core For Answer
“My name is Mamoru and I'm here to mamoru.” — Woolie

Shogo is the third episode of Mechaweek. In this episode, Matt and Woolie play a super anime game made by Americans as they do break-dance transformations, and make plans to woo Blackarachnia.

About Edit

MISSION_003: Japanimation_4ever

Primary Objective: Determine whether or not Shogo is brilliantly self aware, or ignorantly brilliant.

Secondary Objective: Avenge your dead girlfriend.

Tertiary Objective: Determine the "right" amount of time after your girlfriend's death to hook up with her sister.

— Video description

Quotes Edit

They got the joke of anime before people knew what anime was.
— Woolie
Are you going to make love to the drop ship? What's happening?
— Matt
There's too much interaction in the world of Shogo!
— Matt
Space problems are the hardest problems. You can't get rid of them 'cause you're stuck in space.
— Matt
Remember that time Juggernaut fought Juno?
— Matt
A lot of people have been like, 'Stopping making fun of Britain and the fact we liked the Dreamcast. No we didn't.', and then some people go, 'No, keep making fun of my hometown. I love it.'.
— Matt
Giant rats piloting giant mechs.
— Woolie
Apologies about the construction that appears to be happening right outside my door.
— Woolie
Yeah, apparently. It's probably that dog. It's hammering into a wall.
— Matt
That dog that never stops barking and it's doing construction.
— Woolie
My name is Mamoru and I'm here to mamoru.
— Woolie
It's the type of pulse rifle you bring home to your mom.
— Matt
Your dad shakes hands with it. He approves.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

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