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Shovel Knight
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Game Shovel Knight
Length 20:02
Controller Matt, Pat, Woolie
Upload Date Apr 6, 2013
“Wall chicken is best chicken.” — Pat

Super Best Friends Play - SHOVEL KNIGHT is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt, Pat, and Woolie downthrust chaotic neutral rats, jump on jousters' heads, eat delicious wall chicken, fight refined griffons, and get into other hype battles.


Matt, Pat and Woolie unite as they explore the old-school metal world of Shovel Knight!
— Sw1tcher video description
Matt, Pat and Woolie strike the earth with a furious vengeance in the hit PAX indie game, SHOVEL KNIGHT!
Machinima video description

Quotes Edit

— Matt, Pat, and Woolie
Link's most powerful sexual maneuver, the downthrust.
— Matt
Flying rats make you nervous?
— Pat, to Woolie
Wall chicken is best chicken.
— Pat
Most refined griffon!
— Matt
There is no soul in their eyes.
— Woolie about flying rats
Taylor Swift, well known as ambassador to Zanzibar Land.
— Matt
The trolling books of Pridemore!
— Matt
I'm losing so much skill right now.
— Pat
This is some heavy duty evil confetti.
— Matt
The storm is coming.
— Woolie
So I'd better get my snowblower.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • A second episode was filmed after the game's release, and can be found here.
  • The clip at 2:37 is from the 1989 television series, The Legend of Zelda.
  • The clip at 15:48 is from the 1998 anime, Beserk.
  • During the "hype injection" segment at 17:38, the music playing in the background is "The Only Thing I Know for Real" from the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance soundtrack. Specifically, it's the music that plays when fighting Jetstream Sam.
  • The Baz is set to make an appearance in Shovel Knight, after Matt and Woolie donated a large sum of money to Shovel Knight's kickstarter. This will be the third game The Baz appears in, along with Kaiju Combat and Divekick.

Gallery Edit

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