Super Best Friends Play

Shovel Knight!

Shovel Knight Title
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Game Shovel Knight
Length 1:29:15
Controller Matt, Pat, Woolie, Liam
Upload Date Jun 27, 2014
“Watch out for the thrust.” — Woolie
“That's good life advice.” — Pat

Super Best Friends Play Shovel Knight! is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam return to the world of Shovel Knight as the honorable Dickbutt and, destroy checkpoints, fish Dark Souls style, dance with Trouples, fight the Royal Rat Authority, and bounce on Triple H's skeleton.


Holy shit this game's awesome! Go get it! But don't take my word for it, watch this video! STRIKE THE EARTH
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I never thought I'd live to see this day. I was sure I was gonna die.
— Matt
The rutabaga life's a slow life.
— Liam
Skull Fuckers Incorporated!
— Matt
That's listening replay value.
— Pat
Do you know how disgusting it would be to bite into a trout apple?
— Pat
I imagine it tastes like biting into Fionna Apple.
— Matt
Watch out for the thrust.
— Woolie
That's good life advice.
— Pat
Breathing is for the weak.
— Pat
Yacht Club, where's my 50 Cent playable character?
— Matt
Five backseat gamers. Zach is backseat gaming right now.
— Woolie
My balls are tiny right now.
— Pat
First Coyote Ugly reference on the channel ever. Good job.
— Matt
You hate most foods. You hate eggs, carrots, water...
— Matt to Woolie
Self-immolation for fish.
— Woolie
He has an asshole-like hop.
— Matt
He's going to come back as Gripes Knight.
— Woolie, about Plague Knight

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time the Zaibatsu have played Shovel Knight. For the first episode, see Shovel Knight.


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