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Shrek Super Slam

Shrek FNF
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Game Shrek Super Slam
Upload Date Sep 16, 2016
Length 31:31
Previous Salty Bet (Six)
Next Kiai Resonance
“Play a fucking three out of five in this game, on a bracket, at my funeral.” — Woolie

Shrek Super Slam is the ninety-fourth episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam burst out of their 4X3 prisons so they can commit vehicular manslaughter for gachapon toys, save up money to buy Pat a block button, figure out their Slam math, and study all the latest tech for the upcoming Super Slam tournament.


Somebody once told me \ The world is gonna owe me \ I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...
— Video Description


This game kept fighting games alive during the dead times.
— Liam
Play a fucking three out of five in this game, on a bracket, at my funeral.
— Woolie
People are gonna be so made we didn't stick to our colors.
— Woolie
Black Knight. I'm Martin Laurence.
— Matt
I'm gonna beat the Smash Champion of the World, Liam.
— Matt
Subtract your slams from your slams.
— Woolie
You're just trying to cheat.
— Pat
No, that would be you.
— Matt
— Pat
If a five year old who likes Shrek sees block cancels, his mind would melt.
— Matt
Caillou had that prolapse scene.
— Liam

Wins/Losses Edit


Matt 2/1
Pat 0/3
Woolie 1/2
Liam 0/3

Letter TimeEdit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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