This is an extended page of the Silent Hill 3 (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Here we go again. Heather, looks like you're in a world of trouble. Almost like, an OTHERWORLD of trouble! eh?!
— Part one
Hey Heather, what did you bring to the party? NO NOT THE PARTY DICK!
— Part two
The biggest laugh of the year? Well, that's what happens when idiot scientist Heather gets her hands on some chemicals.
— Part three
Minmo, I sure hope you didn't get stuck in Silent Hill, you stupid, bug eyed kitty.
— Part four
Check it out! The most subtley named monster in Silent Hill! The insane cancer!
— Part five
Quick, think fast! Use the puzzle solution to give the weirdo monster a perm!
— Part six
Listen, all I'm saying here, is that Tom Selleck has a glorious god damn mustache and you best respect it Heather, break or not.
— Part seven
Here you go Matt, you get your big dumb sword. And as a bonus, you can't throw this one away, even by accident!
— Part eight
Alright Matt, let's slurp our way through this fairy tale office.
— Part nine
Part ten
— {{{2}}}
Silent Hill huh? What's UP with that town anyway?
— Part eleven
Get out of our nurse break room! We're talking about monster nurse stuff!
— Part twelve
Jeeze Stanley, maybe back it off a tad? You're coming on a bit strong.
— Part thirteen
Yknow, we really should have seen this coming. Hospitals in this town really need better management.
— Part fourteen
Hey Leonard, you got a little bit of schmutz on the side of your face. Oh, I mean...oh nevermind I guess.
— Part fifteen
This is the worst fucking amusement park ever. But this spooky house IS pretty rad!
— Part sixteen
Real talk, I wish more games had this kind of callback. One of my favourite notes in a game.
— Part seventeen
Man Claudia, your decorating skills need some fucking work.
— Part eighteen
We're getting into the final stretch now. Can Matt avoid the edges and pits? Maybe.
— Part nineteen
Not every day you get to give a videogame character an abortion.
— Part twenty Final

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