This is an extended page of the Silent Hill Downpour "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


The Best Friends dive right back into survival horror after beating RE2. Will Silent Hill prove more of a challenge than Raccoon City?
— Part one
Nostalgia, bathrooms and the otherworld all make an appearance, but really, it’s all about COUNTDOWN VAMPIRES.
— Part two
The Best Friends try and make it to Devils Pit, but get sidetracked talkin bout MC Hammer. Will they ever make it?
— Part three
The Best Friends keep exploring some shitty caves, and Pat can’t remember how to use DOS!
— Part four
Tour Guide Nixon returns as the Best Friends finally make it to Silent Hill!
— Part five
The Best Friends explore the worlds shittiest police station, apartment building, and even find a bizarrely out of place easter egg!
— Part six
The Best Friends make it to the Centennial building, and Matt keeps trying to pick up fucking bricks!
— Part seven
The Best Friends continue exploring a boring archives building or something, and Matt gets lost real, real easy.
— Part eight
The Best Friends finally make it to the top of the tower, but only the Otherworld awaits! Also some dumb bullshit.
— Part nine
The Best Friends wander the streets uselessly after Matt makes the single dumbest mistake in the playthrough yet, while Pat can’t remember where the fucking god damn piece of shit lightbulb is.
— Part ten
The Best Friends find the lightbulb, go to the theatre, and Matt makes even more mistakes with weapons.
— Part eleven
The Best Friends finally get to the Monastery, where they run into fucking stupid kids and Matt makes even MORE mistakes with weapons, and freaks out about it.
— Part twelve
The Best Friends continue their journey through a big dumb church looking for little girls, and end up seeing the worst childrens play ever.
— Part thirteen
The Best Friends recover more pieces of the Rhyme, and finally run into something resembling a villain!
— Part fourteen
The Best Friends meet an old friend and fight one of the dumbest boss fights in recent memory!
— Part fifteen
The Best Friends continue their journey to freedom, encountering a stupid mirror, tons of files and one unexpected guest!
— Part sixteen
Pat fucks up a puzzle, and the Best Friends encounter a new, even LESS scarier enemy type
— Part seventeen
The Best Friends are nearing the final stretch! But first! Scary license plates and badly framed cutscenes!
— Part eighteen
Will the Best Friends escape Silent Hill? Find out in the conclusion to Silent Hill Downpour!
— Part nineteen final

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