This is an extended page of the Silent Hill Homecoming "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


This game is such an outrageous piece of shit that it killed Silent Hill. Strap yourself in kids.
— Part one
Matt starts to realize the horror, but it's too late. We can't stop now.
— Part two
We're back after a wondrous break at a save point. Can you believe how fucking low some of this cutscene audio is? Jesus christ. Also, GAS STATION, FUCK.
— Part three
We finally make it to Silent Hill. SPOOOOOKY. Or not.
— Part four
This hotel is home to the claw footed vagina demon. It is extremely dumb.
— Part five
Matt may have been down, but he's not out, ready to go after some in depth lab time with the Homecoming knife, practicin his plinking and 1 frame combos! We're comin for you Joey!
— Part six
John Madden joins us in Shepherds Glen, and we re-enact that weird assault movie on precinct whatever man I don't remember. I think Laurence Fishburne was in it?
— Part seven
Finally out of the sewers and into...Hell? God damnit.
— Part eight
Scarlet was tougher than expected...or is Matt just shit? Editing happens, and not much else.
— Part nine
— Part ten
Jeez Mom, maybe if you hadn't of sat there the whole time while I was out murdering all this bullshit, you could cleaned up some of the rusty corpse juice off the walls.
— Part eleven
We finally get out of this god damn glitched out house, only to go somewhere even dumber, movie Silent Hill.
— Part twelve
Oh lucky episode 13. You are blessed with an enemy symbolizing total creative bankruptcy.
— Part thirteen
This prison is fucking dumb man. What more can I even say.
— Part fourteen
We're almost at the new good thing. But first...FUCKIN' NOTHIIIN.
— Part fifteen
Wow, that's actually a really cool Boss. Guess that means there's nothing left but complete garbage after this. Huzzah!
— Part sixteen
Hey Dad! Oh. Ohhhh. Well....kay then.
— Part seventeen
Welp, done, awesome. Time to go pound nails through our dicks, I suppose.
— Part eighteen FINAL

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