Matt & Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness

Siren Blood Curse

Siren Blood Curse
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Game Siren Blood Curse
Controller Pat
Length 39:21
Next Silent Hill 3
Previous Cursed Mountain
“It's pretty much Japanese Walking Dead.” — Pat

Siren Blood Curse is the sixth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness special.

About Edit

Matt & Pat travel once again to the land of the rising sun to scream and swear at Japanese zombies/ghosts/assholes.
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat go to Japan and fight blood curse zombies. Along the way, they get berated by an annoying ex-wife, shot by an evil police officer, and sneak like Sam Fisher.

Quotes Edit

I mission failed that shit.
— Pat
Stop talking about Mindjack.
— Matt
This is the most powerful handgun in the world!
— Matt
Six shots....
— Matt
More than enough to kill anything that moves.
— Pat
You have no idea how complete this mission is.
— Pat
Thanks, reasonable black man.
— Pat
It's pretty much Japanese Walking Dead.
— Pat
I'm glad you survived so you can die later.
— Matt
That looks like a blood curse if I've ever seen one.
— Matt
Do I look like a blood curse expert to you?
— Pat
I need your help in this horrible forest of violence.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • The audio is slightly out of sync in this episode.

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