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Game Skullgirls
Upload Date June 27, 2014
Length 1:01:29
Previous The King of Fighters XI & XIII
Next Injustice Gods Among Us
“SKULLGIRLS!!!” — Matt and Woolie

Skullgirls is the twelfth episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs. This week, Matt, and Woolie continue their on-going struggle to protect Skullgirls, then Pat and Liam join in so they can watch Woolie pick his green teams, get happy birthdays, look for themselves at the casino, and have pianos dropped on them.

About Edit

Awwwwww SHIT! WE GOIN' IN. All my moe-moe-gangstaz, throw yo hands up! PLUS: Learn the secret true origins of how Skullgirls Encore came to be!
— Video description

Quoter Edit

Actually don't. Don't stop squeezing them.
— Matt
Every fighting game should have the requisite oil character.
— Liam
If you're cynical as hell, there's no way you can lose.
— Pat
I don't like this game because of the character designs, but Woolies the big baby.
— Matt to Pat
Big the Cat, top tier.
— Pat
This opens up the possibility for everyone to call bullshit on everything I say.
— Pat
The best western fighter. Get under the bus, Killer Instinct. It's because they stopped paying you, isn't it?
— Pat
Lab Zero hasn't sent their checks yet.
— Matt
Be sloppy, have fun, and lose.
— Woolie
You need to meet more circus people.
— Liam

Wins/Losses Edit

Matt 0/6
Pat 4/4
Woolie 11/0
Liam 2/6

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.


  • The prologue artwork was done by Art of L.
  • The original artwork from the thumbnail was done by Kinuko


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