Super Best Friends Play

Skyrim :Special Edition

Skyrim SE Title
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Game Skyrim :Special Edition
Season 11
Episode 1
Length 14:23
Upload Date Nov 13, 2016
Previous Hitman
Next Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

For the original episode, see Skyrim

“I want Cranky to draw Plague drawing 'Cat Tit Bingo'.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Skyrim: Special Edition is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat return to the frozen north of Nirn to declare war on Roman Empire, start their dragon shipping, check for all the old broken stupidity, and fail to become the Dragonborn.


Enter a new feline hero as Matt and Pat navigate the world of Skyrim once more!
— Video description


We can make another video out of this.
— Pat
I bet you we can't.
— Matt
Hey look. It's the white supremacist hero man.
— Pat
You mean us?
— Matt
Drag him down to the Dark Elf part and say we'll pick him in ten minutes but never do.
— Matt
What are the Romans gonna do? Come at me two-thousand years after the death of their shitty empire?
— Pat
I like how he kind of did a slide 'cause if I'm gonna die I might as well impress everybody.
— Matt
Put up the sex thing so we're the sexiest cat man.
— Matt
I ship Alduin and Death Wing.
— Matt
Right in the butt-hole.
— Pat
Just like Ed Boon would have done.
— Matt
I think anytime you can skin an animal in a game, they should have that sound clip of John Marsten going, 'Ew, nasty!'.
— Matt
I want Cranky to draw Plague drawing 'Cat Tit Bingo'.
— Matt
If you swing around a war hammer in a cave and just start screaming, anyone you kill, that's not murder.
— Matt
Prove me the fuck wrong. Find me a picture of one not existing. You can't.
— Pat about Whale Scorpions
I thought the whole point of living in Skyrim was to marry our sisters.
— Matt
Claw them all, Cattitbingo.
— Matt
If you tear the face off a child and wear it, how many people would that fool?
— Matt

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