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Slain Title
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Game Slain
Length 44:19
Controller Liam
Upload Date Aug 30, 2016
“It said The Horned Metal God.” — Matt
“I assume he's like a friend of mine.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Slain is a one-off episode in which Matt and Liam take a trip to New Zealand to visit with their old pal Evillak and spread the good news of Slain patch notes.

About Edit

This sure is a video game!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I'm just waiting for Evillak to pop up.
— Liam
It said The Horned Metal God.
— Matt
I assume he's like a friend of mine.
— Liam
I hate those things.
— Matt
New Zealanders?
— Liam
I do remember there's a winning animation of the main character wailing on a guitar and throwing his hair in a circle. Y'know how Woolie does that when he successfully takes a shit?
— Matt

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