SBFC 136

Slave Syrup

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Length 03:01:38
Date Mar 15, 2016
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“I bet it's easy to steal a skeleton and fuck it.” — Pat

Slave Syrup is the one-hundred and thirty-sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week on the Friendcast: Matt confronts Florida Man, Pat fights UPlay, Woolie tries overrated cuisine and Liam Battrides.
— Website description


I'm sure the Quaker Oats guy has a huge dick. He's always smiling.
— Matt
We were talking about EVOLVE five minutes ago.
— Matt
It's a hard turn to slave syrup.
— Pat
I bet it's easy to steal a skeleton and fuck it.
— Pat
You know who else had a whacking day? Christians. In the Roman Empire days.
— Woolie
He was Nobunaga of America. Tons of ambition.
— Matt about Tony Montana
I've got a face that looks like a Nisan.
— Pat
You can't convict a man and his podcast crew of the same crime.
— Liam
Double jeopardy.
— Matt
Strap your grandma into VR and watch her explode.
— Liam
Going stag against the universe.
— Pat
Parents, please be advised. That is a dick.
— Woolie
Did you see that coming in Ippo?
— Woolie
Where his car wouldn't start?
— Matt
I'll wait for Lego Berserk.
— Matt
Relationship worth it. You bring me Vagabond.
— Woolie

Letter Time Edit

Q: Matt: Fuck/Marry/Kill - Mai, Momiji, Lulu; Pat: Cancel/Promote/Constantly rumored - Yakuza franchise, Platinum Games franchise, Street Fighter; Liam: Fire from video games/Condemn to janitor/Make games forever - Kojima, Yokotaro, Sakurai; Woolie: Get into/Ban yourself from/Admire from afar - A mecha force, a world-wide fighting league, professional poker. from Zaivory

  • Matt:Kill Momiji, fuck Mai, marry Lulu.
  • Pat: Promote Platinum, constantly rumor Street Fighter, cancel Yakuza.
  • Woolie: Banned from poker, admire is the fighting league, get into mecha force
  • Liam: Make Sakurai a janitor, fire Kojima, keep Yokotaro making games

Q: Do you have a husband from a game where you play as a female character? from Ally

  • Pat: Akihiko.
  • Woolie: Akihiko.
  • Liam: Not really.

Q: Cliches you see coming a mile away but still enjoy? from Andrew

  • Matt: Cars not starting in horror movies.
  • Pat: Combing the hero's and rival's moves to beat the big bad and when you see a character show up to do a skill multiple times and then they combine the skills at the end.
  • Woolie: The rival battle.
  • Liam: A satisfying betrayal if done well.

Q: I don't understand why you don't like TellTale games. What is the formula you talk about at the start of Minecraft Story Mode? from James

  • Matt: In Game of Thrones, the problem was we played as jobbers whose choices never matter.
  • Pat: After episode one, if the writing is strong, I don't notice the choices don't matter issue.
  • Woolie: You trying to stop a problem never works because the problem has to occur for the story to continue.
  • Liam: After so many games, it gets predictable and tired.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Lego Berserk, Gregg Rucka's Punisher, and Punisher season two.
  • Pat: Punisher season two and a NyQuil induced coma.
  • Woolie: Vagabond volume thirty-six and Punisher season two.
  • Liam: Punisher season two.

Trivia Edit