Two Best Friends Play:

Sleeping Dogs Bloopers & Outtakes

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Game Sleeping Dogs
Length 21:53
Upload Date Sep 1, 2012
“Don't you have shirts in your closet?” — Pat
“No, I sold them for Dragon Kick!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Sleeping Dogs Bloopers & Outtakes is a bloopers episode in which Matt and Pat get health upgrades from whatever deity is offering it, do sick burnouts in their underwear, show off hot white girls to Sifu, get Suda51's approval, and observe the hypest cockfight.

Quotes Edit

I love me some HD Nintendogs.
— Pat
I could go for some Italian loafers!
— Pat
Looks like he needs more conditioner!
— Pat, as Matt throws an enemy into a dumpster
I love floors.
— Pat
I never asked for this!
— Matt
[After throwing an enemy into a furnace] You're fired!
— Matt


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