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Game Slender
Season 5
Episode 9
Length 16:22
Upload Date Sep 2, 2012
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous The Amazing Spider-Man
Next Pokemon Snap
“I'm so tough I'm on the verge of tears.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Slender is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat wander a forest collecting notes while trying to avoid the internet urban legend Slenderman. Matt plays the game confidently, boldly and without fear, like any true man would. Pat shits all over himself the entire time, whines like a babby and audibly screams at some parts of the game. His reputation as being an angry cool guy has never been the same.


This game is 5spooky4 Pat! But don’t worry, I’m a man, so I’ll guide you through this!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon features Matt with tear stained cheeks wandering through a forest at night when he's tapped on the shoulder by a trolling Pat causing him to flee, screaming in terror. The camera then turns to Pat laughing at poor Matt when out of the blue, Slenderman appears, waving hello to Pat, causing Pat to run off with Matt.

Quotes Edit

I got really far though, I punched him at least twice!
— Matt
I want to punch everyone who asked for this game in the face.
— Pat
OK I'm back. You know, crying in the bathtub does a lot for you.
— Pat
If you run forward, your face is now buried in slenderman's crotch
— Matt
Ewww! Woolie vomit, it's all green and yellow!
— Matt


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