Two Best Friends Play:

Slender: The Arrival

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Game Slender
Season 7
Episode 1
Length 13:33
Upload Date Apr 14, 2013
Controller Pat
Previous DmC: Devil May Cry
Next Tomb Raider
“Hey kids, if you wanted to watch two idiots play Slender games, you've came to the right fucking place.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Slender: The Arrival is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat once again take on the legendary Slenderman, but Matt reveals he likely won't be as brave as he was during their first encounter after seeing the web series Marble Hornets.  Even so, Pat once again proves to be the bigger baby of the two, whining and quivering through most of the video whereas Matt only slightly acts like a baby.


Pat becomes the true poo babby we always knew he was as we face down Slenderman a second time!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon features someone walking in first person mode in the woods at night holding a flashlight when they happen upon a note that reads "He loves boobs". Matt then reveals his face and tries to grab the person's (now revealed to be a well-endowed girl) breast, but the girl just throws a knock out punch at Matt and just moves on. Slenderman notices the girl but pops up a little too late to scare her, which gives Pat a little time to creep on by hoping Slenderman doesn't spot him.

Quotes Edit

Look at this Ford Pinto!' Dude it's a bicycle.
— Pat, imitating Matt
I have a lava beard! It's true, I'm basically Kenshiro.
— Pat
I'm your host, Matt, the American dream. And we're here with Diaper-baby Patrick!
— Matt
I'm diapering.
— Pat
How will Megaman ever comeback if he can't get it up?
— Pat
Think about this like he's just like a boo from Mario.
— Matt
No, he's the opposite of that, I'm the boo from Mario!
— Pat
Sometimes I rent Transformers Movie Games just so I can have Shia Labeouf die.
— Matt


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