SBFC 025

Smegmaman is the Worst

Show Notes 25
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Length 2:53:12
Date January 28, 2014
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“The best part is how this ship is being piloted by cannibal rats!” — Woolie

SBFC 025: Smegmaman is the Worst is the twenty-fifth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


We’re talking botches and no-sells this week, since we all watched the Royal Rumble! Also going on: Shadows of Mordor, Kickstarter, Michael Pachter, and Russian ghost ships piloted by diseased cannibal rats!
— Podcast description


If you're not mocapping horses, you're not really making media.
Boner walls? That's not good!
Actually, all water bottles look like dicks.
You can't criticize pre-alpha.
— Pat
You, me, and Billy walk into a bar...
— Woolie, to Matt
I can't do research in my own brain.
— Pat
Name me anything you remember from Jimmy Fallon at all, other than that he fucks up Saturday Night Live sketches.
— Matt
I just got a horrible visualization of a gate that was twerking.
— Pat
When I see a dick, I can point at it a go, 'That's a penis!'.
— Pat
You're trying to tank life, and you're not doing enough DPS.
— Pat

Letter TimeEdit

Q: What's the most fitting musical score to a video game? - from Robert (NOTE: Metal Gear Rising forbidden from being an answer due to being obvious)

  • Matt - N/A
  • Pat - Kanye West's Power in Saints Row 3
  • Woolie - Every boss fight in Super Mario Galaxy
  • Liam - Through The Fire And Flames in Brütal Legend

Q: If you could stop the death of any wrestler, who would it be? - from Johnny

  • All - Eddie Guerrero

Q: When are you going to do an Attack on Titan Spoilercast? - from Brandon

Q: Do any of you guys bowl? - Dave

  • Matt - Might have bowled 200 once
  • Pat - Only when drunk. Often lost to his dad.
  • Woolie - Bowls 130/140
  • Liam - Has bowled in the past.

Q: What do you think is a non-traditional but really cool video game love story? - from Griff

  • Matt - Bowser and Princess Peach
  • Pat - Xenogears
  • Woolie - The Boss and Naked Snake (MGS3)
  • Liam - Gone Home / Kanji and Naoto (Persona 4)

Q: If you want to get into anime, where do you start? (As a fan on Dr. Who, Firefly, Metal Gear, and Mass Effect) - BaneFilms

  • All - Cowboy Bebop

Q: What are your go-to sounds for relaxation? - from Milania

  • Matt - Rain, No More Heroes Soundtrack (Shinobu's Theme)
  • Pat - ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response )
  • Woolie -, Fireplace, Orchestral Ace Attorney
  • Liam - Quiet countryside with cars passing by, chainsaw starting

Q: What's the alarm sound from your phone? - from Pat (Follow-up Question)

  • Matt - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Rules of Nature
  • Pat - Attack On Titan - Main Theme
  • Woolie - Mini Boss' cover of Megaman 2, Big O intro
  • Liam - Shadow The Hedgehog - I Am, Pacific Rim - Double Event

Q: What do you do when you are sick? - from Vinny

  • Matt - Lots of oranges and chicken and noodle soup
  • Pat - Get high on Nyquil
  • Woolie - Eat bell peppers and pistachios. Drink charcoal water.
  • Liam - Flat ginger ale

Matt WatchEdit

This week, Matt was stalking the guy who gave him all the comics at MAGFest 12, whose name he doesn't know.