Super Best Friends Play

Sneak King Live @ PAX PRIME 2014!

Sneak King Title
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Game Sneak King
Combined Length 20:52
Original Run Sep 9, 2014
Controller Pat, Liam
“Exclusive garbage!” — Liam

Super Best Friends Play Sneak King Live @ PAX PRIME 2014! is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam stall for time live as they surprise saw mill workers with coffee and Burger King brand sandwiches.

About Edit

You’ve seen the rest of the games at PAX PRIME, but now you’re watching the best! Look at us getting bored while playing Sneak King!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

I really feel like Sneak King would be better if you played as Fred Durst trying to give people CDs.
— Matt
Exclusive garbage!
— Liam
I can't eat a meal if I'm not sufficiently surprised about it.
— Matt
It'd be really great if we go back to the front end of the game and see the legal information and it'll say copyright 2006 From Software.
— Matt
He's the physical manifestation of all of our desires for Burger King.
— Liam
I am watching people in the crowd walk up to this thing and go, 'What? Why?'.
— Pat
I heard someone laugh at me pathetically off camera, so that makes me happy.
— Pat
Pat, Grimace would be a grappler.
— Woolie
We're like the video equivalent of the guy who's pasted his face onto a muscley guy's body.
— Pat


  • Sneak King is one of two videos that show the Best Friends playing games live at PAX Prime 2014, the other being Sonic 2006.
  • Although this video was announced on September twelfth, it was actually uploaded to YouTube on September ninth.


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