This is an extended page of the Soma "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Spooky Fact - There's a slim chance we won't be able to nuke the oceans and it's disgusting inhabitants before the end of our lives. That's the spookiest of all thoughts!
— Part one
Oh cmon, you didn't really think we wouldn't finish Soma did you? Let's see how deep this undersea nightmare goes. Somehow I don't think we'll be spending much of the game back in Toronto.
— Part two
All of humanity is on a USB key? How is that playing a bigger role? What the fuck is going on? Aw fuck it, let's get lost in the ocean or some shit.
— Part three
Jeez buddy, you're so ugly it's making my vision swim. I sure hope things get better when we learn about our new friend Akers. I'm sure he's cool.
— Part four
Finally at a new lab. Look for escape? Nah, fuck it. Let's root through peoples garbage. That's probably more interesting. Seriously. Future garbage. Yeaaaah.
— Part five
Behold, the new Quint. Mr Brandon Wan. This motherfucker I swear to god. UGH.
— Part six
Upon finally defeating Brandon "Big China, So China" Wang, we find ourselves stymied by my inability to see a fucking cable on the floor. Shits hard under the sea.
— Part seven
Geez Akers. You really look like shit. Maybe you should check yourself out in the mirror, get some hair gel or something. Well, I guess not, what with the eyes and all. Too much gel too, I suppose.
— Part eight
Vent crawling and proxy dodging leads way to fixing up even more busted shit in the ocean. This place, I swear, they need more maintenance people.
— Part nine
Man, the puzzles in here don't seem so bad, but clearly they blew these peoples minds! Eh!? Ehhhh?! I'll be here all week folks.
— Part ten
Somehow I feel like literally every decision I made in this episode was the wrong one. Geez Cathy, would've appreciated a bit more of a heads up on this stuff.
— Part eleven
Yknow, when Nietzche was talking about the abyss staring back, somehow I doubt he meant it literally.
— Part twelve
Boy. Was that the right thing to do? I don't even know man. I'm writing this description weeks after doing it, and I still can't even figure out whether or not even I think I was right. This games the shit.
— Part thirteen
Well Simon, she was right after all. Maybe you should listen more closely next time. Well, I guess not, after all.
— Part fourteen Final

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