Super Best Friends Play

Sonic 2006 LIVE @ PAX PRIME 2014

Sonic 06 Title
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Game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Combined Length 41:50
Original Run Sep 11, 2014
Controller Liam, Pat, Woolie; competitive
“Exclusive at the Machinima booth!” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Sonic 2006 Live @ PAX PRIME 2014! is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam try to hook up human girls with anthropomorphic hedgehogs, get the money, stall through loading screens, wander through Final Fantasy town, fight orcas, and race each other into pits of lava.

About Edit

There might be some cute little indie titles at PAX like Bloodborne and Destiny, but we’re here to give you THE REAL GAMES.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

You are watching Kairi from Kingdom Hearts getting ready for Sonic's dick.
— Pat
Sega's across from the expo here, and they're trying to stop this, but we won't let them.
— Matt
Oh my god, when is the game going to start?
— Matt
Hopefully never.
— Liam
Look at Tails thinking he's Jesus.
— Matt
Sonic is about making it with human chicks.
— Pat
Go through rings Superman 64.
— Matt
You can either play Bloodborne or watch this. Come on, make the right choice.
— Matt
If you're gonna have a quick-time event, at least put an obnoxious prompt on the screen.
— Liam
Wait, wait, wait ,slow down. You're saying that we can run in a Sonic game?
— Matt
I wouldn't have a problem with a Shrek green Vita, with the ears and everything. That'll save the Wii U.
— Liam
You're fighting over a turd sandwich.
— Pat, on Shadow
Yeah, but if I wanna eat it, I'll eat it.
— Liam
This game is like improv.
— Liam


  • Sonic 2006 is one of two videos that show the Best Friends playing games live at PAX Prime 2014, the other being Sneak King.


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