This is an extended page of the Sonic Adventure "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


SONIC SAYS: Hey guys, Sonic here! Welcome to the first official Let's Play of one of my games! I've got my 3 friends to guide you through this totally radical, graphically gorgeous, totally not awkwardly voice acted, and perfect camera controlled 3D Adventure! It was released on some archaic piece of technology that had a horrible controller back in 1999! I forget the name of it!
— Part one
SONIC SAYS: Welcome back to part 2 of my first fully 3D game thing! It's totally not falling apart! Shut up! The excitement heats up as we putz around in the tornado for long periods of time, with nothing really happening! What's this? Eggman stole the CHAOS EMERALDS? Unexpected! Please release me from this hell!
— Part two
SONIC SAYS: Whoa! My adventure is over for now, so we move on to...WHAT? AMY? Uhhh...great, yeah! Amy is pink! And uh...I forget what animal she is! She's like a pink poodle? I dunno! All I know is that Amy tries to touch my butt alot. AND THAT'S NO GOOD!
— Part three
SONIC SAYS: Now it's time for my little orange buddy to step up to the plate! You can stop pointing and laughing at me now and instead throw your harsh judgements on TAILS! Marvel as he stutters and awkwardly stands there doing nothing during cutscenes! Our struggle is nothing short of divine! I sure hope he doesn't get his hands on the behelit! Cuz that would be....NO GOOD!
— Part four
SONIC SAYS: No pretenses left! We now barely even have a video game here, With our descent into madness culminating as this insane purple tub of fuck lumbering around, consistently losing and recapturing some type of amphibian in a series of inane minigames that can have only be designed under the duress of the fevered dreams of a madman! Deep into the darkness peering....long big the cat stood there, wondering...fearing...doubting.
— Part five
SONIC SAYZ: Hey! It's that weird monster with the horrifying multi-headed penis! Oh, and there's Knuckles too!
— Part six
SONIC SAYZ: Knuckles is really lame! All he does is dig! He should be fast like me! I'm the fastest thing alive! Ask all the ladies! They'll tell you!, wait!
— Part seven
SONIC SAYZ: Wait? Is this even one of my games anymore? Who the fuck is this slow-ass robot? I dunno, but he's only gonna give us 20 seconds to comply!
— Part eight
SONIC SAYZ: Finally, the sweet release of death! I'mma let these chucklefucks laugh off this pointless adventure while I leap off a building! See ya next time!
— Part nine Final

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