Sonic The Fighters

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Game Sonic The Fighters
Length 16:59
Upload Date Apr 30, 2013
Winner Woolie
Next X-Men Next Dimension
Previous Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals
“I have been fucked to sleep by Sega.” — Matt

Scrublords - Sonic The Fighters is a Scrublords episode that has Matt and Woolie fighting it out in prehistoric 3D arenas with largely unknown B list Sonic characters. Woolie wins every match.

Lord of the Scrubs 2 Edit

During two segments Woolie suggests they should enter "Lords of the Scrubs 2" tournament, citing it's free entry basis and a good payout as the main reasons. Matt is less enthused about the idea as Woolie only found out about the tournament because someone inscribed it on his door in lambs blood and animal guts and nothing else is known about the tournament other than you need to give a blood sample in order to enter. In the end, Woolie did his pal a favor and signed them both up.

Quotes Edit

Oh my god! I got Battletoads shit!
— Matt
I see nothing but hype!
— Woolie
You touched me in my sexual parts and that's noooooo gooood.
— Matt
Those aren't deals Matt, these are napkins.
— Woolie
Aww, I feel so bad for Amy. All she wants is Sonic's blue dick and she can't even get it.
— Matt
How did you get my blood?!!
— Matt
It's fine.
— Woolie

Gallery Edit

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