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Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed
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Game Sonic Unleashed
Combined Length 32:11
Original Run January 29, 2014
Controller Woolie

For the full Let's Play, see Sonic Unleashed (Full Let's Play)

“I literally feel like my soul is drifting off and going to bed.” — Matt

Sonic Unleashed - Spindash Quicklooks is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam join Sonic as he does Ric Flair yells, turn into a ManBearPigWerehog to do stretchy "Liam-esque" moves, and follow the latest gossip, which ultimately leads to Matt's mind finally snapping in two.

About Edit

Holy fucking shit, I've never been so angry/pissed over anything in a game before.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

He's going to change him into a girl Sonic and then he's going to make him his wife.
— Matt, on Doctor Robotnik
Cleats are edgy.
— Liam
It really sounds like somebody's tickling his bum.
— Matt, on Sonic's 'Wooo!'
That's the bum tickle sound?
— Liam
It's what I do.
— Matt
Who cares if they don't wear pants?
— Liam
It's like a Platinum game, I swear.
— Woolie
The only thing they could have done that is worse than this, is give one of the Sonic characters guns. Thank God they weren't so stupid that they did that!
— Matt
Werehog claws his way into your heart.
— Liam
This is such a ripoff of Dante's Inferno.
— Liam
When I look at the back of a Sonic box, I look for the bullet point that says human-animal make-outs.
— Woolie
“'Cause I'm about to spin dash all up in your asshole!
— Matt
— Matt's mind breaking, upon seeing another Werehog stage


  • According to Matt, there was about an hour and twenty minutes of footage recorded in total of Sonic Unleashed. In that entire time, they only got to play one Sonic stage, spending the rest of the time doing either dumb town bullshit, or dumb Werehog bullshit. This is why Matt lost his mind in the final seconds of the video.

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