Friday Night Fisticuffs

Soul Calibur 2 & 5

FNF Soul Calibur
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Game Soul Calibur II & V
Upload Date May 2, 2014
Length 1:07:47
Previous Persona 4 Arena
Next Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD & ASB
“Girls are really hot, but they look better if they look like Virgil.” — Matt

Soul Calibur 2 & 5 is the fourth episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam face a gruesome quest to search for the ultimate sword, and along the way they make Link noises, discover the secrets of the floor, shit on Spawn, show their true scrublord nature, and fight robots and stand users.


Welcome back to the SALTIEST stage of history. This week on FNF, we find out if the soul still burns.
— Video Description


Press those buttons! Aw, you didn't press them.
— Matt
He's praying to his sword dick.
— Liam, about Nightmare
Sexuality begins at kunoichi.
— Woolie
Don't you remember when Spawn was a fourteen year old girl?
— Pat
Stare deep into the dick hole of Todd McFarlane.
— Matt
Girls are really hot, but they look better if they look like Virgil.
— Matt
Just tap it til it mashes.
— Pat
He came back from Hell to never back down.
— Woolie, on Spawn
When you buy a sex robot, on the package, does it say 'weird'?
— Matt
Everyone is just person with weapon!
— Matt
I saw his name had periods between each letter and I turned on hime.
— Pat
You said 'butt cape'? I thought you said 'fuck cake'.
— Matt
It's hard to make jokes when they go over your heads.
— Liam


Soul Calibur 2

Matt 5/2
Pat 5/3
Woolie 4/4
Liam 0/5

Soul Calibur 5

Matt 1/3
Pat 4/2
Woolie 5/1
Liam 1/5

Letter TimeEdit

Q:Can you get a fight stick for unnder two-hundred bucks that's worth anything? from Benjamin

  • Yes.

Q:How do you feel about the internet killing the secrets vibe of fighting games? from Mister Fisterson

  • It's better now.

Q:What is a good place to get fight stick parts? from Jessie

Q:What do you mean when you say 'Medium punch in fighting games is not a thing'? from Jordan

  • It is not used as much as light punch or hard punch.

Q:Any advice for getting better at fighting games? What's a good game to start with? from Ross

  • Look up move tutorials on Youtube, study character's move's strengths and weaknesses, play more, and know that you may never get good. Play Street Fighter 4.

Q:What do you look for when getting into a fighting game? from Andy

  • Style and depth

Q:Any well known fighting games that you don't care for? from Matt

  • Liam - King of Fighters
  • Everyone - BlazBlue

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