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Southtown vs. Metro City

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Length 6:26
Date Nov 28, 2011
Previous Top 7 Best & Worst Fighting Game Stages
“Most people believe the city was under Martial Law for at least 100 years.” — Matt on Metro City

Southtown vs. Metro City is a Fighterpedia episode where Matt and Woolie debate which place would be shittier to live in: King of Fighter's Southtown, or Final Fight's Metro City. Together they delve into the blood and urine filled pasts of both cities, and argue if Final Fight Streetwise should count.

About Edit

Woolie and Matt have wasted entire decades collecting obscure fighting game knowledge and annoying EVERYBODY. Today, this wisdom, once thought useless, has finally found a greater purpose: lols.
— Video description


This event marks the first pimp-governed municipality in U.S. history.
— Woolie
There are more criminals per square inch then there are working toilets.
— Matt
Geese Howard, bored with extortion and human trafficking, immediately flies to Japan and gets a haircut.
— Woolie
Rape-mode activated.
— Woolie
Haggar attempts to rebuild, only to see it fall like so many Metro City prison walls.
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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