Mystery Box #030

Space Raiders

Space Raiders Title
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Game Space Raiders
Length 27:54
Upload Date September 18, 2016
Controller Liam (P1), Matt (P2)
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #029
Next Mystery Box - Episode #031
“#SpaceRaiders gets corrected to nothing.” — Liam

Space Raiders is the thirtieth episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt and Liam discuss the history of Japanese arcades with gross alien monstrosities and use their Naruto powers to fight off the invading Nintenduu 64 invaders.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

#SpaceRaiders gets corrected to nothing.
— Liam
Nobody has ever beaten Star Fox: Assault.
— Matt
Again, I have. You just don't think I have.
— Liam
I don't believe you.
— Matt
zwe had interns do this voice.
— Liam
Not even good ones.
— Matt
No, the interns we hate.
— Liam
We should have taken the black guy 'cause I bet his voice dialogue was super racist.
— Matt

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