The Amazing Superfriends!

Spawn The Eternal

Superfriends Spawn
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Game Spawn: The Eternal
Length 38:21
Controller Woolie
Previous Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death
Next Injustice Gods Among Us
“This makes Spawn Armageddon look like Bayo.” — Matt

Spawn The Eternal is the third episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


Get drawn into Todd McFarlane's shitty 3D world of bad textures and sluggish controls. WAAAAANNNNNDAAAAAAAAA!
— Video Description


Matt, and Woolie get out their Todd McFarlane brand chains, and delve into the pits of PS1 hell. While there, they fist fight business men, search for the instruction booklet, explore the "Lush" environment, predict boss fights, and waste all their powers.


The opening animation shows a large green Woolie holding a broken Atomic Purple Game Boy Color. It cuts to David Cage with a fahrenheit symbol on his head laughing, presumably about the Game Boy's destruction. Woolie goes full raging Hulk and beats David Cage into pulp, as the rest of the Zaibatsu watch in terror. Then a big origami swan rises up in the background.

Quotes Edit

All I know about this is that it's reviled as one of the worst Playstation games ever.
— Matt
This entire game is made out of Diablo GIFs.
— Matt
This makes Spawn Armageddon look like Bayo.
— Matt
...having magic done on him and other hurts...
— Matt
It's other hurts?
— Woolie
Why was there another telephone booth in the telephone booth?
— Matt
Hey Malbolgia, Wanda, I mean, give me some more power.
— Matt, in Spawn voice
John Leguizamo!
— Woolie, in Spawn voice
You need the globe of shadows to beat black guy.
— Matt
Not even a line of text and yet we're still getting Tekken combos.
— Woolie
I'm coming back from Hell for my Shanaynay.
— Woolie
The fuck!? Am I reading a performance art piece?
— Matt
Get engaged by the main menu as you see the blood and chains and fire.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • The music played during the intro is the theme from the X-Men cartoon. It can be found here.
  • The border images are of Todd McFarlane (on the left) and Spawn (on the right).

Gallery Edit

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